Quick Review - Samsung Galaxy S

On the path to becoming a Samsung Mob!ler I wrote a brief review of the new Samsung Galaxy S, check it out!

The light weight, casing and general build of the Galaxy S failed to make a remarkable first impression as I put together my eagerly awaited handset. Switching on the phone however, I was met by a dazzling animation and after a month’s use I can honestly say the visual experience the Galaxy S offers is phenomenal.

The speed, memory, camera as well as apps available on the phone all surmount to making this a seriously impressive phone. Coupled with the display, I simply have not been able put the phone down! The unfortunate side-effect of this, however, is on the battery life, meaning like others I have had to carry the charger around with me.
Whilst the software can be frustrating at times, there’s definitely more potential bursting to get out. Hopefully with the anticipated Froyo release we can expect to see just how out-of-this-world the Galaxy S truly is!

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  1. Fantastic Stuff Bilal! You've inspired me to re-watch one of the greatest films of all time!