PIPA - The future of Mobile Phone Security?

As a Samsung Mob!ler I get to be part of some interesting conversations... not least about the latest and greatest in mobile phone hardware and software. Enter... " PIPA Touch the fingerprint scanner your smartphone's been waiting for. Unlock phones, log in to websites, and Authenticate Anything with open SDKs."

Check out their little promo video below

Currently PIPA Touch is under development – check out their fundraiser on IndieGoGo to keep up to date and maybe even get your hands on one early… we’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on their developments. Here are some quick pro's and con's


1. Compatible with iPhone and Android
2. Works very fast
3. Potentially removes the need for passwords in ANY digital space - really cool cloud service
4. Good price/size/usablity


1. Uses bluetooth, what about NFC?
2 .Ideally should be integrated into the phone... why has no one done this yet!!?
3. How safe is the cloud?

Anyways - Brilliant project... Do check it out and support!

Galaxy Note II - Liquid Pixels

Pretty cool mash up of creativity and technology... if this is today... .what about tomorrow?? 

Next weekend spending sometime with the Samsung Crew... Watch out for more Samsung Mob!ler posts.....
Got a few things in the pipes!! ;)

Beam me up Samsung - Tomorrow's technology... today!

Samsung have done it again... or rather they did it a few months ago and I'm just playing catch up!!

Under the Galaxy series Samsung unveiled the "Galaxy Beam" - A beautiful smartphone, akin to the Samsung Galaxy SII but with a little something on top... It was revealed this February at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Spain.

Samsung have brought to the market the world's first Android 2.3 Smartphone with a built in projector! Whilst pico-projectors have been around for a while, there has not been a commercially viable mobile phone with a built in projector, until now.

 At a slim 12.5mm thin it packs a very bright 15 lumens pico-projector able to project HD quality video up to 50 massive inches wide. The Android phone has a 1 Ghz Dual core processor, 5MP camera (+1.3MP front facing camera) and big memory space to store your favourite videos and pictures. Here's a quick overview:

Mobile Phones are evolving at lightening speed and Samsung are staying ahead of the game with the Galaxy Beam. Admittedly it's not the most feature-packed phone Samsung have released, but it's truly unique. It packs a 2000mAh battery allowing 3 hours of projector time. That's a lot of juice in a slim 4 inch display phone. The phone comes with a built in projector App that allows you to to tinker the settings as well as "draw" onto the screen; very handy if giving a business or powerpoint presentation. 

Here's another video giving you a more hands-on feel for the phone:

My impression is that Samsung are largely just teasing us with what's possible - and I'm certain we'll see some awesome projector phones grace the market soon enough. I think one of these will be very handy, a HD projector in your pocket? How can you say no?!

Great for business and leisure, Samsung has us all BEAMing! 
So watch out for the Samsung Galaxy Beam - coming to city near you!

Samsung - Giving you Hope!!

"On your marks, get set, TAKE PART" - That's the tagline for Samsung's Hope Relay - It's a simple and easy way way to have fun, RAISE money for CHARITY, get FIT, win AWESOME OLYMPIC PRIZES and maybe even get featured on Samsung Ads around the UK!!

Here's our friend David (Beckham) introducing the idea #DavidBeckhamUsesTheSamePhoneAsMe!

It really is that simple... Don't waste time!

Every mile you run, jog, walk or cycle you can raise money for Charity. If you're reading this on an Adroid you can download the App here:http://tiny.cc/hopeAnd And if you're using an iPhone you can download the App here: http://tiny.cc/hopeiOS Or you can request a link via SMS Send txt to 61116 with appropriate keyword: "Android" or "iOS" - Or just search for it in your App Market.

Samsung Hope Relay is really easy to use - Within a minute you can start running, walking or cycling and raise money for Charity. Here's my landing page:

The App has some cool features where you can share your running route, send "cheer" messages to friend and create virtual running teams.

Simple steps

1. Download and join Samsung's Hope Relay (check it out in your App Store - Apple or Android)
2. Open the app and complete the simple registration (30 seconds!)
(note you can opt to feature on Samsung Ad's up and down the country - Maybe you'll spot my face on the Samsung Torch Bus!!)
3. The App will prompt you to activate your GPS
4. Start RUN!! (or jog/walk/cycle)
5. You can check on your progress during your run:

6. Once you've gone over a mile - Samsung will donate £1 to Charity!! SIMPLES

Don't forget you can also cycle to and still raise £1 for every mile you do! We're actually just finishing Samsung's Bike Week - You may have seen posters up and around your place of work. You can still keep cycling - even after the week... It's still not too late!

Final word to check out Samsung's Website for more information: http://bit.ly/LMxpcT
So... On your marks... Get set... TAKE PART


Some more Digital Doodles on the Galaxy Note

These have been collecting up for a while... I saw this amazing new product from Wacom called "Inkling" and I'm certain this technology will find it's way into mobile phones very soon.

Check the video out here:

In the mean time enjoy these pictures that I've doodled with my Galaxy Note over the past year or so

A different take on the eye

This picture above was a couple pictures that I merged together to help support a campaign raising awareness about the Plight of Palestinians  

Roots of faith (iman), tree of deed (amal) and fruits of character (khulq)

Double message :)

This was for my housemate!

Turkish Whirling Dervish

Doodling with The Galaxy Note

Check out this little video of me doodling with my new Samsung Galaxy Note!


Where can you get the Galaxy Note??

Phone? Tablet? Get one and find out yourself!!
Here's a quick reminder about this fantastic new ground-breaking Mobile Phone

So where can you test out this fantastic new phone and take it home??

Well if you just want to test it out.. come and find me.. otherwise the following HIGH STREET retailers are selling them NOW - Click on the image to go DIRECTLY to their ONLINE Galaxy Note sales pages!!

So what are you waiting for?