Doodling with The Galaxy Note

Check out this little video of me doodling with my new Samsung Galaxy Note!


Where can you get the Galaxy Note??

Phone? Tablet? Get one and find out yourself!!
Here's a quick reminder about this fantastic new ground-breaking Mobile Phone

So where can you test out this fantastic new phone and take it home??

Well if you just want to test it out.. come and find me.. otherwise the following HIGH STREET retailers are selling them NOW - Click on the image to go DIRECTLY to their ONLINE Galaxy Note sales pages!!

So what are you waiting for?

Truly a step up Android 2.3 Vs Android 4.0

If you want to make Ice-cream you're gonna need something sweet. Google's Ice-Cream Sandwich is just that. It takes the sweetness of Android Honeycomb, dissolves it into the background and gives us something not just sweet but smooth too!

Android Operating Software has taken a much needed evolution from version 2.3 (a.k.a. Honeycomb) to version 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich) and in doing so Samsung and Google have produced a mobile phone that is a true game-changer.

The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is the latest "Google" phone, the world's first phone boasting Google's 4.0 operating software. It's dubbed a "Pure Google" phone in that it receives the latest updates from Google without going through operating networks and manufacturers - basically means you get the hottest software straight out of the lab as opposed to waiting for it to trickle through chains of red tape and lots of middle men/middle companies.

Enjoy this video direct from Google:

 I was fortunate to be invited to the launch of the the Galaxy Nexus and got trained by Google Geeks on the ins and outs of the phone. Still buzzing from my new Galaxy Note, the Galaxy Nexus piques my interest in another way.

Getting a walkthrough the Galaxy Nexus with the Google Team

Whilst the Galaxy Note packs some of the most advanced mobile phone hardware on the market, The Galaxy Nexus boasts a radically new operating software - something that has been long awaited. (You can imagine how chuffed I was to learn the Galaxy Note will be getting a software update to Ice Cream Sandwich soon... I think..!)

So what's new?

Well the Galaxy Nexus boasts some incredible hardware too. The captivating 4.65" Super AMOLED HD screen, the curved ergonomic design, the Near Field Communication chip (absolutely awesome in action.. maybe I'll post up a video of it in action soon...!) not to mention the 1.2 Ghz dual core processor (seriously I remember buying single core 133 megahertz desktop PC's!)

Picture of Samsung Mobile CEO introducing the Galaxy Nexus
at the launch that we attended in London earlier this month

There is a lot to say about Android 4.0, much has to be experienced... It takes the best from 2.3 and the 3.0 tablet series, giving you a fresh and user-friendly way to use the phone. There is advanced multi-tasking and a very cool task manager that allows you to 'kill' certain apps quickly and cleanly as well as switch in between them. The notifications bar has been revamped and is more user friendly. As has the widgets... allowing you to re-size them, interact with them and group apps together easily on your home screens. All round win-win.

The new operating software builds of years of research and development, making Mobile Phone use even more fluid and user friendly. The way the phone looks and feels is very new, fresh and slick. There are a number of ultra-cool features I got to check out:

Face Unlock

Simple as it says... Unlock your phone just by staring at it! The camera recognises you and then unlocks the phone. This gives security, speed and ultra-cool-ness. Nothing more unique than your face!


Truly awesome use of Near Field Communication - simply tap two phones together and you can send contacts, files, links and even youtube videos (down the second you were watching it) from from Nexus to another. This is so fast and rapid it will blow your mind. Mobiles will never be the same.

Camera +

Some may say... But it's only a 5megapixel camera. Well it's not about the size, it's what you do with them. Megapixel's are like car tyres, they are only useful up to a point. What's more important is the car itself. And The Galaxy Nexus is an awesome car. The camera is optimised for low-light and has a great and easy to use panorama function. Check the video!

Data Usage tool

This is a great feature that is long overdue. Worked into 4.0 is the ability to track exactly how much data each app is using and you can control and cap individual app use. This is an essential feature amidst the price wars between networks. Take control of your Data usage with the Galaxy  Nexus like never before possible. It just makes sense.
Android 4.0 offers so much more than it 2.3 predecessor. It's a true "update" and I can't wait to see it on other devices soon! Let me know your thoughts and check out the Google Nexus Website for some great clips, gallery's and features:

Galaxy Note - Sketches... more to come!

I love doodling. I'm not an artist... not by a long shot... but I find doodling a healthy release of my creative subconcious. I'm genuinely looking forward to see how that translates with ground breaking Galaxy Note and it's "S-pen". Can the latest in Mobile Phone technology match up to the raw power of pen and paper? We'll just have to see. Here's some random face sketches, more to come in due time... see if you recognise anyone..!! ;)

All these sketches were done using the App: Zen Brush found exclusively in the S Choice Application Market... Only available on the Samsung Galaxy Note (.. I think!)

Take note: It's the Galaxy Note..!

Last week I had the lucky chance to attend the first Global launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Samsung have really pushed the bounds of innovation creating a product that sits in a catergory of it's own. In this post I share some first impressions of the new handset along with some pictures from the launch. I've really enjoyed some of the promo trailers which introduce the phone, here's one to get you started:   

The Launch   
So it a phone? Is it tablet...? Well a handful of British and German Mob!lers made their way to London's Battersea Power Station for the swagger launch to investigate further. 

The launch was attended by some of the biggest names in Mobile Technology and Media as well as Samsung and Google partners from accross Europe. In addition to the Samsung Galaxy Note the event also saw the official introduction to the new Galaxy Nexus, the first mobile in the world to boast Google Android's 4.0 Íce Cream Sandwich' operating software. The powerstation was lit up for us on arrival:
What sets the Galaxy Note apart?

The Galaxy Note packs a whopping 1.4Ghz processor, 8MP camera, 2MP front facing camera and Google's Gingerbread operating software; not too different to the Galaxy S2. However, in addition there are a handful of features that make the Galaxy Note a true Smartphone-Tablet Hybrid, quite unlike anything seen on the market. 

Firstly is the stunningly beautiful 5.3inch Super AMOLED HD - with a stunning high resolution screen. It's hard to describe how stunningly crisp and captivating the screen is. It's just awe and beauty combined in a beastly 5.3inch beauty. There is simply nothing like it on the market!

With that beautiful screen is the size of the Galaxy Note. Samsung have Phones and Tablets of all sizes and shapes from the Galaxy Mini to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 - The Galaxy Note purposefully fills a space between the 7" Galaxy Tablet and Samsung's leading smartphone, the Galaxy S2 which has a 4.3" screen.
My first thoughts... Wow this is big. The Galaxy S2 was pushing bounds with its big screen, but the Galaxy Note really is something else. But after using my Note for several days, I have to say, it feels very normal... and very handy. The Note is a handset of substance. It's still slim and light, but it feels like you have some real technology in your hands. It's not going to go flying out your hands and it still fits in my front shirt pocket. Here's how it compares:

A lot of people will be put off by the size. But the Note is not competing with your average mobile phone user, the Galaxy Note is specifically targeted and people who want an all-in-one super device, for business, for leisure, for multimedia and even for creativity.

The S-Pen - Work & Play
This is another ground breaking move by Samsung, the introduction of the Smart-Pen. Like me... you may just think we've devolved back to Styluses... But the S-pen is so much more. It uses some of the most advanced technology, bringing into our hands, essentially seeking to replace your need to carry a pen. Coupled with the Galaxy Note's integrated software, the Galaxy Note and the S-pen are the perfect marriage, showing you just what could be possible.

More than just a stylus the S-pen has a button embedded into the place where you hold it. Press down the button and it opens up a host of useful gestures that are great for those creative moments just as much as they are for those work-related emails you have to send. You can bring up menus, go 'back', take screen shots and even bring up a memo-pad all by just using the S-pen - no 'hand input' required.

But the Galaxy Note also allows your creative juices to flow. Everyone loves to doodle and the Galaxy Note lets you express your creative side through drawings, videos, games and more! It's great for those moment when you just have to write down an idea before it slips your mind. Here's another great clip of the creative side of the phone in action:

The Galaxy Note has an incredibly fast and enjoyable user experience. With it's solid build, fantastic camera, S-pen, and beautiful 5.3" Screen the Galaxy Note is the perfect handset for anyone who wants to combine the Tablet and Smartphone experience into one tidy, head-turning package.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out for yourself!!
Some more pics here!

Getting a live demonstration of the Note's drawing capabilites by Liam Braizer

A detailed breakdown of the device here:

Helpful Hints... Tips & Tricks - Galaxy S2

The brilliant Samsung Galaxy S2 is more than just a pretty face. There's a whole lot of potential beneath that sweet 8.9mm wide case. After using the handset for several months I've picked up various tips and tricks that  allow me to squeeze every bit I can from this incredible handset. Enjoy this post where I share some of the little bits and bobs I wish I knew when I first got my phone!

Screen Shots

I first triggered this purely by accident and later discovered how to do this properly. Slightly different to its predecessor, in order to take screenshots on your Galaxy S2, press down the big central button and whilst holding it press the power button. Simple as that! You'll hear a camera click and the screen will give you a little digital wink and the image will save in your gallery. Handy when you want to upload a screenshot online... or save a high score/crazy move on one of those super-addictive games!

Brightness Bar

Another little hidden away secret is the touch control of the screen brightness. On any default screen just tap where the notification bar is (as if you're bringing the notification bar down.) Instead of bringing it down, just touch and hold for a second, you can then move your finger/thumb left or right to alter the brightness. Very handy when switching through different Apps that require different levels of brightness or for quickly turning the brightness up or down. Very handy little find.

Now there's a bright idea!
Internet Tab switch

Another new feature I discovered by accident again is the "pinch-to-zoom-out-to-window-screen" feature. That's quite a mouthful I guess! Essentially when you're using the (stock) internet browser, you can zoom out by using two fingers on the screen and then moving them in opposing directions (the opposite of pinch-to-zoom.) Keep on zooming out and it will take you to the screen where you can easily switch windows/close windows/open new windows. A pretty neat feature that makes browsing that bit more easy!

Save Battery!

This is probably the most important Tip I have to share. As a long term Android user for many years the lack of battery power has been my biggest issue with the new generation of smart phones. I am a "heavy user" but still need my phone to last me the working day. After playing with many different "battery" applications and trying many different strategies I have come to realise the following three interventions can help lengthen your battery life by 40-50%

  1. REDUCE screen usage AND use the LOWEST brightness setting possible.
    It's not rocket science but the screen uses a lot of battery juice. Whenever you don't need the screen on be sure to press the power button and put the screen into sleep mode. This is especially important if you are waiting for something to download or load up. In addition always use the lowest brightness setting you can manage. If you are indoors using the lowest or second lowest setting should be more than sufficient. The bright screen is lovely to marvel at and show off the fantastic Super Amoled+ display in all it's glory, but using the screen on full brightness will drain your battery very quickly, so always ensure you're on the lowest setting you can manage.

  2. TURN OFF Wi-fi/Bluetooth/GPS... AND... turn off SYNC
    Again, not rocket science. Turning off the bits of hardware like GPS, Wi-fi and Bluetooth is going to make a notable difference in battery life. In addition turning off the Sync will make a marked improvement in how long your charge will last you. Leaving "Sync" on allows Google/Samsung and many third party applications to constant use the internet to keep themselves updated. This is great to get push notifications for your emails, but it really does take a lot of the battery power, so if you need to conserve then be sure that SYNC is switched off.
  3. Deactivate Data
    I've found deactivating the 3G network/data usage on the phone is one of the best ways to save battery. Not only does this work by using a lower frequency network signal that requires less to run, but also it stops your phone from forever checking if it's connected to the "best" satellite signal. To reactivate simply hold the power button and wait for the option window to pop up. This is a quick and easy way to toggle 3G/Internet connection on your phone without going through all the standard computer settings. 
The Galaxy S2 has a built in Power Saving facility that you can access via the settings menu. Be sure to have this activated as it does much of the above for you when your battery is low. Nonetheless by employing the three strategies described I have extended the battery life on my S2 from around 7-8 hours of moderate/heavy use to almost 12-14 hours of the same intense level of usage. It does mean that you can't really, really enjoy all the features of the S2 without your battery draining somewhat, but it's a sacrifice you have to make if you're one of those heavy users like me!

Stay Connected

The android market can sometimes feel like a jungle. Where to start? How to stay in touch with the latest and greatest apps? Well here's my suggestion on how to stay adrift and enjoy your handset to the max.

1. Download a News Feed App... I recommend "Taptu" - A really intuitive and easy to use app. You can add various news streams like BBC and NY Times, as well as random streams like FailBlog and your social networking streams; Facebook, Twitter and so on. 

2. Search for Android and Mobile phone related streams. I recommend - "Android Apps" (run by, Gizmodo, Engadget, "Android" (run by - There's plenty more so search away and stay connected

3. Once a week check your streams out for the latest and greatest Apps. have an App of the week feature and post the best apps that have come out each month

That's all for now folks... Stay tune for more helpful hint, tips and tricks!!

iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy S2 - Seriously?

I like apples. They are juicy, sweet and full of goodness. Sadly, apples go off. Left out in the heat or forgotten at the bottom of the fruit basket, apples will go mouldy, smelly and loose the crisp freshness they were renown for.

I'm going to be fair. The iPhone 4S is no doubt a pretty impressive handset. If you had it, you probably wouldn't complain. And if you did complain then you're not a very grateful person are you?! BUT... the iPhone 4S just about manages to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S2 - a phone released over 6 months ago! Apple is clearly playing catch up in this increasingly competitive Mobile Phone market.

Let's just look at a few features that these two phones boast:


Apple's Retina Display or Samsung's Super AMOLED+ ? Yes they are different... both pretty awesome, but remember industry experts favour the latter.
But even if its all oranges and lemons. . what's the difference? Well the Galaxy S2 packs a whopping 42% MORE screen than Apple's new iPhone 4S. Ergo, Samsung brings more awesomeness to the table; so Samsung wins in quantity AND quality.


Again, both handsets offer an awesome 8MP camera. Both pretty impressive and probably more megapixels than you'll ever need. Nonetheless, Samsung wins again..! The iPhone 4S has a sloppy VGA front-facing camera whilst the S2 boasts a 2MP front facing camera. Why Apple would release such a cheap camera in their latest flagship handset is beyond me!

Size and Weight

Samsung's Galaxy S2 once again trumps the iPhone 4S. Despite having 42% more screen and more impressive hardware inside, the Galaxy S2 remains the worlds slimmest smartphone, just 8.9mm wide. Even more impressive is that iPhone 4S is 14% heavier than the Galaxy S2 - So Apple's latest offering is more chunky and weighty than Samsung's six-month old S2. More pear shaped offerings from Apple!


This is where Apple have really duped their customers. It's really sad to see so many Apple users closed off to the big world out there. Apple only allows Apple approved software/games/apps/music/e-books etc onto their iPhones. Essentially milking every penny out of their customers. The reality is however, the Mobile Phone world has evolved light years since Apple's first offering all those years ago. There are so many companies with fantastic innovative technologies out there. Sadly however Apple have strict rules about what can be installed and used on their handsets. This greatly limits the potential that lies within the iPhone. The Google Android world couldn't be more different. The open nature of the software allows plenty of healthy third party competition. Not only do you have Google's Android Market you also have access to many other third party Application markets... This opens up a whole world of possibility. You can buy your music from Amazon, books from Google and Apps from Samsung - It's all possible with the Galaxy S2! (and impossible with Apple!)


 Looks like this newest Apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree!
Yes the iPhone 4S is an impressive handset. But compared to the competition, Apple have really slipped behind in the Smartphone world. I'm so excited about what new technology Samsung and others have up their sleeve. It's really mind blowing stuff.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Below is a slightly more detailed comparison for those interested!

Healthy Technology

One disclaimer you probably won't see on your mobile phone box reads something like:  "This product can be good for your health when part of a balanced diet and exercise program." Unfortunately modern technology, especially mobile phones, have a reputation to perpetuate a sedentary lifestyle; adding to our unhealthy culture of inactivity. Sadly, to a large degree, this reputation is rooted in truth.

But why should it be? Technology can be used to counter the very ills it is accused of creating. Enter "Android Market."

Google's Android Market recently underwent an entire facelift, it's now a pretty cool and intuitive online portal. In the categories section you will find an entire division dedicated to "Health & Fitness" - Apps designed purely to help promote a healthy lifestyle. So here I've featured one such cool App to show you what potential there is out there.

Instant Heart Rate

I think the picture above says it all. "What?!" I hear you gasp. "My phone can take my heart rate??"
Yes! And so much more! 

When I first saw this I was dead impressed, especially being someone in the Medical field. By placing the tip of your finger over your camera lens, this application can accurately work out your heart rate! It works quite like an Oxygen saturation monitor.

Let me explain... Essentially when your heart beats it pumps oxygenated blood around the body, in the space between two heart beats, de-oxygenated blood (i.e. blood that has had all the good bits used up) returns to the heart. Interestingly the colour of oxygenated and de-oxygenated blood is slightly different, with the former being bright red and the latter a more purpley-blue colour. This subtle colour change can be picked up by the camera (and is made easier when the LED flash-light is on or when you shine an external light onto the back of your finger.)

So whether you understood all that or not, your phone can now take your heart rate! This is great for fitness fanatics or anyone who like to do some exercise and work towards target heart rates. The free version of the App allows you to store a log of your heart rates and share your heart rate through social media. The paid version of the App has even more great features... Go to the Android Market and search for "Instant Heart Rate" - Enjoy!

Easy one-step fix for those suffering Blackberry/RIM issues

Millions around the world have been affected. So if you've been a bit like this recently... read on

The problems are extensive, the solution is simple: GET A GOOGLE ANDROID PHONE!!!

Read the rest of my blog to learn about some fantastic Samsung Mobile Phones that can do a whole load of things your blackberry hasn't even started dreaming about.


Video Content - Your Window to the World

One of the most incredible features of the Samsung Galaxy series is the incredible, cutting edge hardware that has been brought to the market. The Screen on my Samsung Galaxy S2 is simply outstanding and unmatched on the Mobile Phone market... if you haven't seen it yet... come and find me and I'll show you if you don't believe me!

With the incredible clarity, size and brightness the Galaxy S2 is really out of this world.. and so this is a fun post sharing some of the video content I watch on this amazing phone!


There's a great YoutTube application that comes in Google's Android Market. Watching videos in HD quality is simply mindblowing. Here are two of my favourite video's at the moment; a great country western singer from the US and a funny clip from an American Church!

Video Player

Straight of the box the Samsung Galaxy S2, like many of the Samsung series, can play pretty much any video format you throw at it. I remember the days I'd sit for hours on my PC converting .mpg .divx and .avi files into playable formats. Phones have come a long way. On the off chance I have some free time, especially on a long commute or a plane ride I enjoy watching an entire movie in HD quality on my phone. I'm flying out to Spain this week, and hoping to watch "127 hours" on the flight down to Malaga, enjoy the trailer here:

SO much more...

The Galaxy S2 has an incredible intuitive interface that allows you to watch video content in multiple different formats. Browsing the net for example, videos of all different formats are embedded into the internet browser and can play just as if you were using your internet browser on the computer.

There are so many Apps that deliver high quality video content direct to your phone. One of my favourite has to be the TED Talks App. You can watch so many inspiring and uplifting videos on many different topics. The App is simple but has lots of great features. Search "TED AIR" on Google Android Market and get access to over 1000 TED talks directly on your phone. Here's one my favourites... Click and enjoy:

Oh and I had to share this... R.I.P. Steve Jobs - Simply amazing speech..!

Backgrounds/Screen-savers/Lock Screen - Galaxy S2

I often like to change the background, screen saver/lock screen on my Galaxy S2; change is inevitable in life so you might as well get used to it in your digital life!

Shockingly, many people don't give much thought to the screensaver/wallpaper they have set on their mobile phones. This is the image you will see day in day out. Psychological research (I'm pretty sure) has shown that the images you see daily have an impact on your mood and personality. So it's worth spending a few moments to pick out a really great image that can lighten and brighten up your day.

Personally, I like images of quotes or images of nature... sunsets, greenery, oceans, clouds, the moon and stars.. and so on. Often I use my own images but instead of uploading a few of my own backgrounds, I thought I'd offer you all a quick and easy solution that the Android Market has given us.

So up in the top 100 Google Android Apps... Number 83 is "Backgrounds HD Wallpapers" - It was one of the first Apps I downloaded on my first Google Android phone years ago and recent updates have made it possibly the best and easiest to use Backgrounds Application. You can find it in Android Market, here's a link: - (Screen shot on the left) Over 18 million users can't be wrong!

The App is very easy to use... allows you to search through some amazing background images (Over 10,000 with new ones added daily.) You can look at popular backgrounds, browse through some awesome categories or search by any keyword. The application has an inbuilt function that allows you to change your phone's wallpaper in one-click, you can also save the image to your phone's gallery or just add it your favourites in the Apps itself. I won't bore you with more details, it's a very intuitive and easy to use App - So waste no time and check it out now!

Here's a some images that I've used.. feel free to download them and use them for yourself!

Some of my Bilal's best photo's - Secret's revealed...

The journey of discovery, it is said, lies not in seeking new landscapes but rather in having new eyes... I guess having a better camera lens helps too..!

Many of my friends ask how I manage to get some awesome shots from my mobile phone. Many struggle to get even a half decent shot and yet in this post I am sharing some of my best shots taken with my "Samsung Galaxy S" handset.

Note that this phone isn't exactly renown for it's camera quality. The Samsung Galaxy S (released over a year ago and which I use as my second handset that I take with me on trips abroad) has a 5 Mega-pixel camera, unlike it's successor, the Galaxy S2 (my main phone) which has an epic 8 Mega-pixel camera and a whole new camera-phone interface. But remember: it's not about how big it is... it's what you can do with it...!

The shots taken in this post have all been taken with the modest camera quality of the Galaxy S... however...

A Secret..

Samsung and Google have provided a brilliant platform for 3rd party camera applications. All the photo's here have been through the simplest one-click processing with the Android application: Camera 360, available free on the Google Android Market (also available for a small fee is the beefed up Camera 360 Ultimate edition.) The application has a series of special effects and enhancements and after you take your photo you can pick the stylised version of the photo that you prefer. The application gives you various options so you can choose the one which you prefer best. After playing with the application a little you can have some stunning results - Check these out!!

Cooking up a feast... some ingredients

The original photo, before the one-click processing, note how the colours are just slightly less vivid than the original:

One of the best shots I've take... in my opinion... Sunset over the Bosphorus - This is the strait that separates Asia and Europe in the beautiful city of Istanbul. Birds flew into the shot at the perfect moment.
I used the filter 'Cold Flame' to get the effect above. This is the original un-edited shot.

I took part in a Charity Car Rally, driving from London to Granada through Paris, Barcelona and Madrid. This was shot on a random detour in the South of Spain - stunning scenery.

The original photo - Still stunning ;)

I love this shot - Kinda hard to believe I took it with my phone! This is the inside of the Süleymaniye Mosque  ( in Istanbul. We were joined by the Turkish Prime Minister that day - amazing guy!

Model and Singer Furqan Naeem hanging out in the South of Spain

An intimate gathering with a spiritual order  in Istanbul - They hosted a group of us and explained the artistry and munificence of the Whirling Dervishes - moving stuff!

Sunset on Signal Hill, Cape Town, South Africa - Epic :)
One final one... Actually.. I don't think any special effects were used on this one! This is Uludag Mountain, in Bursa, Turkey - enjoying the sunset in one of the most beautiful places I've visited.

Samsung Galaxy Pro Vs Blackberry - Impressions

Continuing life as a Samsung Mob!ler I recently came into possession of the new Samsung Galaxy Pro, Samsung’s first stab at combining a QWERTY keyboard candy bar style phone with Google’s epic Android operating software. Here’s a brief overview from YouTube (the funky fresh accent should keep you engaged at the very least ;)

So a touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard...? Is this the Blackberry killer?

Well not exactly. Samsung have produced a mid-entry phone, clearly not intending to knock the blackberry world sideways, but rather tease the loyal RIM/Blackberry users about life beyond blackberry... And there is life beyond blackberry... So the screen resolution is not gonna blow your mind... neither is the quality of the camera... nor does the Galaxy Pro house a hefty super-speedy 1.2GHz processor...and so on...

Now I’ve never been a blackberry user, so I can’t give you an in-depth breakdown of which phone is better... but what I can share is my impressions of both operating systems.

I’ve always seen Blackberry phones as business first then play; whereas Android is telling the mobile phone world that if you like... business can be play. The Galaxy Pro gives you an intuitive, fluid and ‘fun’ way of using a business phone. As far as mobile phones go.. it looks pretty cool too... has a real solid feel in your hands...

Having fallen in love with the likes of the Galaxy S1 and Galaxy S2 I can’t see myself using a Pro full time, it’s not the sort of phone that can do everything you ever want. BUT it’s a handy piece of kit... well priced... so if you like the ease, creativity and simpleness of google and you don’t quite fancy forking out on a phone that gives you a better quality image than your cinema... the Galaxy Pro might just be for you... it’s a chilled-out-business phone, handy for replying to emails and and texts, catching up with the news...  and its long battery life and array of fancy apps and games makes it great for those long commutes.

Oh and another thing...I have to admit, since the advent of touch screens, texting just isn’t as fun as it used to be. There’s a sort of satisfaction you get from typing away, click after click, pressing button after button. There’s something real about it. The Galaxy Pro gives you that satisfaction and ease (and speed) but with all the fast and fluidness of android. Access to over 100,000 Android apps.

So all in all... blackberry users might have their interest piqued by what the Galaxy Pro has to offer. Yes, it doesn’t contend with the latest and greatest blackberry phones, but it doesn’t intend to. My impression is that the Galaxy Pro is the first of a series of business-style-android phones that Samsung will be putting out to offer.

So... Samsung have shown they can take a good bite out of Apple... looks like they’ll be adding some blackberry to their fruit salad soon ;) Check out the Galaxy Pro at a mobile phone near you... or come find me and you can have a play with mine ;)

Galaxy S2 - Life... Facilitated.

Hello everybody!

So for my next Samsung mission I've been tasked to design a poster that describes what the amazing Samsung Galaxy S2 is to me. With it's speed, amazing camera and fantastic Android 2.3 Software, the Samsung Galaxy S2 really does facilitate your life.

I don't have much Photoshop skills (I don't even own Photoshop!) So I did the following concept picture in Paint and then designed the final poster in Word!!! You're welcome to try and do a better version. The concept is quite simple... I hope you get it!!

Paint version:

Word version: (click on the picture to see the full version)

Let me know your thoughts!!