Samsung Galaxy Pro Vs Blackberry - Impressions

Continuing life as a Samsung Mob!ler I recently came into possession of the new Samsung Galaxy Pro, Samsung’s first stab at combining a QWERTY keyboard candy bar style phone with Google’s epic Android operating software. Here’s a brief overview from YouTube (the funky fresh accent should keep you engaged at the very least ;)

So a touch screen and a QWERTY keyboard...? Is this the Blackberry killer?

Well not exactly. Samsung have produced a mid-entry phone, clearly not intending to knock the blackberry world sideways, but rather tease the loyal RIM/Blackberry users about life beyond blackberry... And there is life beyond blackberry... So the screen resolution is not gonna blow your mind... neither is the quality of the camera... nor does the Galaxy Pro house a hefty super-speedy 1.2GHz processor...and so on...

Now I’ve never been a blackberry user, so I can’t give you an in-depth breakdown of which phone is better... but what I can share is my impressions of both operating systems.

I’ve always seen Blackberry phones as business first then play; whereas Android is telling the mobile phone world that if you like... business can be play. The Galaxy Pro gives you an intuitive, fluid and ‘fun’ way of using a business phone. As far as mobile phones go.. it looks pretty cool too... has a real solid feel in your hands...

Having fallen in love with the likes of the Galaxy S1 and Galaxy S2 I can’t see myself using a Pro full time, it’s not the sort of phone that can do everything you ever want. BUT it’s a handy piece of kit... well priced... so if you like the ease, creativity and simpleness of google and you don’t quite fancy forking out on a phone that gives you a better quality image than your cinema... the Galaxy Pro might just be for you... it’s a chilled-out-business phone, handy for replying to emails and and texts, catching up with the news...  and its long battery life and array of fancy apps and games makes it great for those long commutes.

Oh and another thing...I have to admit, since the advent of touch screens, texting just isn’t as fun as it used to be. There’s a sort of satisfaction you get from typing away, click after click, pressing button after button. There’s something real about it. The Galaxy Pro gives you that satisfaction and ease (and speed) but with all the fast and fluidness of android. Access to over 100,000 Android apps.

So all in all... blackberry users might have their interest piqued by what the Galaxy Pro has to offer. Yes, it doesn’t contend with the latest and greatest blackberry phones, but it doesn’t intend to. My impression is that the Galaxy Pro is the first of a series of business-style-android phones that Samsung will be putting out to offer.

So... Samsung have shown they can take a good bite out of Apple... looks like they’ll be adding some blackberry to their fruit salad soon ;) Check out the Galaxy Pro at a mobile phone near you... or come find me and you can have a play with mine ;)

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