Beam me up Samsung - Tomorrow's technology... today!

Samsung have done it again... or rather they did it a few months ago and I'm just playing catch up!!

Under the Galaxy series Samsung unveiled the "Galaxy Beam" - A beautiful smartphone, akin to the Samsung Galaxy SII but with a little something on top... It was revealed this February at the Mobile World Congress 2012 in Spain.

Samsung have brought to the market the world's first Android 2.3 Smartphone with a built in projector! Whilst pico-projectors have been around for a while, there has not been a commercially viable mobile phone with a built in projector, until now.

 At a slim 12.5mm thin it packs a very bright 15 lumens pico-projector able to project HD quality video up to 50 massive inches wide. The Android phone has a 1 Ghz Dual core processor, 5MP camera (+1.3MP front facing camera) and big memory space to store your favourite videos and pictures. Here's a quick overview:

Mobile Phones are evolving at lightening speed and Samsung are staying ahead of the game with the Galaxy Beam. Admittedly it's not the most feature-packed phone Samsung have released, but it's truly unique. It packs a 2000mAh battery allowing 3 hours of projector time. That's a lot of juice in a slim 4 inch display phone. The phone comes with a built in projector App that allows you to to tinker the settings as well as "draw" onto the screen; very handy if giving a business or powerpoint presentation. 

Here's another video giving you a more hands-on feel for the phone:

My impression is that Samsung are largely just teasing us with what's possible - and I'm certain we'll see some awesome projector phones grace the market soon enough. I think one of these will be very handy, a HD projector in your pocket? How can you say no?!

Great for business and leisure, Samsung has us all BEAMing! 
So watch out for the Samsung Galaxy Beam - coming to city near you!

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