PIPA - The future of Mobile Phone Security?

As a Samsung Mob!ler I get to be part of some interesting conversations... not least about the latest and greatest in mobile phone hardware and software. Enter... " PIPA Touch the fingerprint scanner your smartphone's been waiting for. Unlock phones, log in to websites, and Authenticate Anything with open SDKs."

Check out their little promo video below

Currently PIPA Touch is under development – check out their fundraiser on IndieGoGo to keep up to date and maybe even get your hands on one early… we’ll certainly be keeping a close eye on their developments. Here are some quick pro's and con's


1. Compatible with iPhone and Android
2. Works very fast
3. Potentially removes the need for passwords in ANY digital space - really cool cloud service
4. Good price/size/usablity


1. Uses bluetooth, what about NFC?
2 .Ideally should be integrated into the phone... why has no one done this yet!!?
3. How safe is the cloud?

Anyways - Brilliant project... Do check it out and support!

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