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Last week I had the lucky chance to attend the first Global launch of the Samsung Galaxy Note. Samsung have really pushed the bounds of innovation creating a product that sits in a catergory of it's own. In this post I share some first impressions of the new handset along with some pictures from the launch. I've really enjoyed some of the promo trailers which introduce the phone, here's one to get you started:   

The Launch   
So it a phone? Is it tablet...? Well a handful of British and German Mob!lers made their way to London's Battersea Power Station for the swagger launch to investigate further. 

The launch was attended by some of the biggest names in Mobile Technology and Media as well as Samsung and Google partners from accross Europe. In addition to the Samsung Galaxy Note the event also saw the official introduction to the new Galaxy Nexus, the first mobile in the world to boast Google Android's 4.0 Íce Cream Sandwich' operating software. The powerstation was lit up for us on arrival:
What sets the Galaxy Note apart?

The Galaxy Note packs a whopping 1.4Ghz processor, 8MP camera, 2MP front facing camera and Google's Gingerbread operating software; not too different to the Galaxy S2. However, in addition there are a handful of features that make the Galaxy Note a true Smartphone-Tablet Hybrid, quite unlike anything seen on the market. 

Firstly is the stunningly beautiful 5.3inch Super AMOLED HD - with a stunning high resolution screen. It's hard to describe how stunningly crisp and captivating the screen is. It's just awe and beauty combined in a beastly 5.3inch beauty. There is simply nothing like it on the market!

With that beautiful screen is the size of the Galaxy Note. Samsung have Phones and Tablets of all sizes and shapes from the Galaxy Mini to the Galaxy Tab 10.1 - The Galaxy Note purposefully fills a space between the 7" Galaxy Tablet and Samsung's leading smartphone, the Galaxy S2 which has a 4.3" screen.
My first thoughts... Wow this is big. The Galaxy S2 was pushing bounds with its big screen, but the Galaxy Note really is something else. But after using my Note for several days, I have to say, it feels very normal... and very handy. The Note is a handset of substance. It's still slim and light, but it feels like you have some real technology in your hands. It's not going to go flying out your hands and it still fits in my front shirt pocket. Here's how it compares:

A lot of people will be put off by the size. But the Note is not competing with your average mobile phone user, the Galaxy Note is specifically targeted and people who want an all-in-one super device, for business, for leisure, for multimedia and even for creativity.

The S-Pen - Work & Play
This is another ground breaking move by Samsung, the introduction of the Smart-Pen. Like me... you may just think we've devolved back to Styluses... But the S-pen is so much more. It uses some of the most advanced technology, bringing into our hands, essentially seeking to replace your need to carry a pen. Coupled with the Galaxy Note's integrated software, the Galaxy Note and the S-pen are the perfect marriage, showing you just what could be possible.

More than just a stylus the S-pen has a button embedded into the place where you hold it. Press down the button and it opens up a host of useful gestures that are great for those creative moments just as much as they are for those work-related emails you have to send. You can bring up menus, go 'back', take screen shots and even bring up a memo-pad all by just using the S-pen - no 'hand input' required.

But the Galaxy Note also allows your creative juices to flow. Everyone loves to doodle and the Galaxy Note lets you express your creative side through drawings, videos, games and more! It's great for those moment when you just have to write down an idea before it slips your mind. Here's another great clip of the creative side of the phone in action:

The Galaxy Note has an incredibly fast and enjoyable user experience. With it's solid build, fantastic camera, S-pen, and beautiful 5.3" Screen the Galaxy Note is the perfect handset for anyone who wants to combine the Tablet and Smartphone experience into one tidy, head-turning package.

So what are you waiting for? Check it out for yourself!!
Some more pics here!

Getting a live demonstration of the Note's drawing capabilites by Liam Braizer

A detailed breakdown of the device here:

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