A is for App!

Taking the spotlight from the giant smart phone manufacturers have been the plethora of innovative and exciting applications (or Apps for short) that have been produced for the new generation of mobile phones. Incorporating the Bada operating software, the new Samsung Wave has been a playground for developers with thousands of inspired Apps having been made available both for purchase and free download. Featured here is one such App showcasing a glimpse of the ingenuity and potential that Apps have to offer.


Ever been so engrossed typing something on your phone that you bump into something/someone, lose track of your way or generally endanger yourself and/or others? Well you wouldn’t be alone! That’s where SmsCamera comes in use!

Rather cleverly it switches on the phone’s camera and allows you to type over the image it produces. In other words as the App describes itself: “you are able to see anything ahead of you while typing and walking.” The text that you type floats over the camera image… that way you can type and see what’s happening in front you (/the camera lens of the phone.)

Here’s a screenshot of the App in action:

Whilst there’s no substitute for simply looking up and being safe and sensible, the App does have some genuine application. I mean who decided that we type onto a blank screen? Why accept the status quo? Aside from the drain on the battery, this App can be pretty useful when you’re rushing around and trying to send that all important text; letting you type away whilst keeping an eye of what’s ahead of you. What’s more is that there is a degree of customisation within the App. Text can be either black or white and can be copied into either a text message or an email.

A definite score for the Samsung Wave, and a little glimpse into just what Apps can do!

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  1. Geniusness- I'll take anything that makes not walking into stuff easier for ppl who don't look where they're going.. If they invent a way to make reading books/ knitting while crossing roads less of a death trap let me know ;)