Meeting the CEO of Google, Eric Scmidt

Life as a Samsung Mob!ler has it's ups and downs.

For our latest task we were asked to dream up the ideal Application for a mobile phone or tablet device. I've spent the past week or so putting the new Samsung Galaxy Tab through its paces. It's a mobile phone/Tablet not too different to the Apple iPad, a little less known but a lot more cooler (and portable!) The tab is run by Google Android Software and any application would have to fit in with their system.

So with a million and one ideas buzzing in my head, and knowing I have the ear of some very senior people at Samsung (and who knows who else!) I decided to take a little power nap.

And then... it happened. There I was advising the CEO of Google, Eric Scmidt, about my new application for Android... I had called it Google Ice.

Unfortunately I was rudely woken up by a friend calling from the United States. I guess I should be thankful as had I not been woken up mid-dream I may never have remembered anything! I hadn't had enough time (in my dream) to outline all my plans to Google, but I do remember I had a marker pen and was drawing all over the screen of my Galaxy Tab. Really not sure why.

So, thank you Samsung for facilitating my introduction (even if it was only a dream) to Eric Scmidt. Maybe one day you'll introduce me to him in person ;)

But for now, if anybody here has any grand plans for a Mobile Phone Application, I'm all ears (as are Samsung!)

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  1. It happens that my initial response to this was captured in writing anyway, so I thought I'd share with you :)

    (me) "bilal met the CEO of Google :O that's like the ruler of the world!"

    "wait i just reached the end of the post it was only a dream!" (I am shamed by my gullibleness/ gullibility/ whatever)

    " i give too much of a running commentary while i read stuff.. should actually try finishing things first.. yeah it was a grand dream..
    like me hanging out with a sulky young julian assange in my dream"

    Though the Wikileaks founder was a rebel antihero and altogether a clever and impressive dream character he was uninterested in conversation unfortunately let alone coming to me for ideas.. So you win ;)