The Samsung Galaxy Tab!!

This morning I excitedly popped out of bed, got ready and made my way to a local Carphone Warehouse shop to test out the new Samsung Galaxy Tab.

(Not my hands FYI!)

It’s the first serious competition to Apple’s popular iPad, and the first in what sounds like a new series of Tablet devices from Samsung.  It’s packed full of features, making it an uber cool and handy piece of kit. Essentially it’s somewhere between one those of mini Laptop/Netbooks and a fancy smart phone.

The size of the device has been the centre of much debate; it’s around 4.7 inches wide by 7.5 inches high, making it considerably more portable than the iPad, but still something that you’d struggle to fit in your jeans pocket.  The device was usable both with one hand and two, and had a good weight to it, not too heavy and not too light.

What stood out for me was how easy it was to use; interaction was smooth and fast with little lag. With the Google Android Froyo operating software I was able to run multiple applications at the same time with no observable change in performance.  The built in games, Asphalt 5 and NOVA were outstanding and showed just what potential the device has to over.

N.O.V.A - Amazing shoot em up style game on the Galaxy Tab

It seems the hardware could quite easily have been notched up a gear or two. Whilst the camera software is good, it’s only a meagre three megapixels and if the screen boasted Samsung’s latest AMOLED display technology the Galaxy Tab would really be quite the steal.  I sense it  won’t be long till the Galaxy Tab 2 or equivalent is released by Samsung, I’ve also read that software updates for the operating software are already in the pipes.

Still the Galaxy tab is a fantastic way to browse the internet, explore new games and applications, watch movies/videos as well as make phone calls from! It comes with a decent size of memory and an expandable slot for more.  The proof however, is in the pudding… Looking forward to receive my own Galaxy Tab very soon and I’ll update you all on the ins and outs of what the this amazing new piece of technology can offer!


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  2. Hey Bilal this looks pretty good- I'm not an Apple junkie but these tablets are definitely appealing and I guess Samsung's not so stressfully proprietorial right? A welcome step up from the little pda screens I used to use for ebook reading. The Kindle and other e-readers don't compare for range and flexibility. Anyway I'm not much of a gamer but i'd be interested to know how good it is for reading pdfs and editing documents- how well it can replace netbooks for travel computer use.. Z