My Top Three Dream Apps... (and a whole lot more!)

One of the best things about being a Samsung Mob!ler is being able to give constructive feedback and reflections and knowing that they will get listened to. So it is with great enthusiasm that I approach this week’s task to write about what sort of Applications I’d like to see on the Galaxy Tab/Galaxy S/Smartphones in general.

I’m a very creative person, and always have a million and one ideas, however I’ve learnt over the years not to let my creative juices overflow and to take the perspectives of other people. I enlisted the help of our friends at XDA developers and began a thread for people to feedback their thoughts. With 2000+ views and over 50 responses it seems like I’m not the only one who has ideas about what sorts of Apps we’d like to see on the new generation of smartphones/tablets. (Check the link:

Whilst there were a handful of complainers (as can be expected), there were also some really good ideas of very practical applications that I hope can one day become a reality. So below I’ve described my top three ideas and also taken from the comments made on the XDA forum and listed them too!

1.       Message Bureau
This has been bugging me for too long! Various 3rd parties have attempted to address this issue, but no one has done it effectively yet. It’s very simple, our Sms/text messages should be as accessible as our emails. They should sync up to our online accounts (Gmail for example.) You should be able to save them, label them, back them up, restore them, access them on numerous devices, search through them etc. I know there’s apps out there that seek to do this, I’ve tried many but they are very basic and there’s just so much potential here. Google/Android/Samsung/Someone needs to sort this out!! It should just be a standard feature.

2.       Photo/Picture editing
I’ve not used the iPad/iPhone apps but word on the blogsphere says they’re pretty impressive. With the beautiful 7inch screen the Galaxy Tab should be offering comprehensive digital picture/photo editing suites. The Tab should be the portable canvass that every artist can carry around with them. I’d love such an app to use multi-touch, various painting tools, picture effects etc. A kind of Photoshop-lite that’s easy and fun to use but at the same time, something that could produce some mini-masterpieces with.
3.       Microsoft Office Android Edition
Something in the depths of my soul tells me the right people somewhere in the world are already talking about this. The Galaxy Tab/Galaxy S come with “ThinkFree Office” which allows you to edit Word, Powerpoint and Excel documents but the level of editing is still very basic; I still need to lug around my Laptop for editing documents. But there’s no reason why we can’t have a fully functional Office Application, we have the hardware just need that dream App to be produced!

Some more ideas that have been suggested, some goldmines here:
  • -          Music editing app
  • -          Voice recognition
  • -          A more spruced up and fully integrated Calendar app
  • -          A more customisable Daily Briefing app
  • -          Google Books Mobile App
  • -          A stock Android Task Manager App (with Switch to function)     
  • -          Copy and Paste functions in email (and elsewhere!)

There’s also been some hardware suggestions for the Galaxy Tab Two. So throwing them in for good measure:
  • -          DVB TV tuner
  • -          Trackerball/optical pad
  • -          Better camera on the Tab! (C’mon Samsung)
  • -          Super AMOLED screen
  • -          More internal memory (It’s pennies really)
  • -          Flashing LED
  • -          A Touch sensitive back cover that you could ‘soft click’ (my idea)
  • -          FM Radio Transmitter
  • -          Virtual Laser Projector Keyboard (my idea)
  • -          Earpiece (so you can make calls like a normal phone, look a bit silly, but good option to have!)
  • -          USB connector/(or include a dock as standard)
  • -          More sensitive touch screen – Sensitive enough to recognise fingerprints! (my idea!)

What do you think? Your thoughts and suggestions most welcome!!
Thanks for reading!

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  1. As the person who initially requested on xda-devs the Artists Drawing/Painting tool I would like to further add here the importance in Samsung adding such an App to the Samsung Applications for the Tab.

    I can not stress enough how much the Digital Artists Tool is of importance in this day and age.
    When we see the likes of the great David Hockney leaving his canvas and brushes in favour of the i-Pad and the application Brushes you soon see the connection in which Digital Art is upon us.

    If Samsung wish to take on the i-Pad they need to ensure it's tools and apps are killer apps and available now.

    Do it Samsung and I for one would not hesitate in purchasing a Tab.

    Mike Paterson