Backgrounds/Screen-savers/Lock Screen - Galaxy S2

I often like to change the background, screen saver/lock screen on my Galaxy S2; change is inevitable in life so you might as well get used to it in your digital life!

Shockingly, many people don't give much thought to the screensaver/wallpaper they have set on their mobile phones. This is the image you will see day in day out. Psychological research (I'm pretty sure) has shown that the images you see daily have an impact on your mood and personality. So it's worth spending a few moments to pick out a really great image that can lighten and brighten up your day.

Personally, I like images of quotes or images of nature... sunsets, greenery, oceans, clouds, the moon and stars.. and so on. Often I use my own images but instead of uploading a few of my own backgrounds, I thought I'd offer you all a quick and easy solution that the Android Market has given us.

So up in the top 100 Google Android Apps... Number 83 is "Backgrounds HD Wallpapers" - It was one of the first Apps I downloaded on my first Google Android phone years ago and recent updates have made it possibly the best and easiest to use Backgrounds Application. You can find it in Android Market, here's a link: - (Screen shot on the left) Over 18 million users can't be wrong!

The App is very easy to use... allows you to search through some amazing background images (Over 10,000 with new ones added daily.) You can look at popular backgrounds, browse through some awesome categories or search by any keyword. The application has an inbuilt function that allows you to change your phone's wallpaper in one-click, you can also save the image to your phone's gallery or just add it your favourites in the Apps itself. I won't bore you with more details, it's a very intuitive and easy to use App - So waste no time and check it out now!

Here's a some images that I've used.. feel free to download them and use them for yourself!

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