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One of the most incredible features of the Samsung Galaxy series is the incredible, cutting edge hardware that has been brought to the market. The Screen on my Samsung Galaxy S2 is simply outstanding and unmatched on the Mobile Phone market... if you haven't seen it yet... come and find me and I'll show you if you don't believe me!

With the incredible clarity, size and brightness the Galaxy S2 is really out of this world.. and so this is a fun post sharing some of the video content I watch on this amazing phone!


There's a great YoutTube application that comes in Google's Android Market. Watching videos in HD quality is simply mindblowing. Here are two of my favourite video's at the moment; a great country western singer from the US and a funny clip from an American Church!

Video Player

Straight of the box the Samsung Galaxy S2, like many of the Samsung series, can play pretty much any video format you throw at it. I remember the days I'd sit for hours on my PC converting .mpg .divx and .avi files into playable formats. Phones have come a long way. On the off chance I have some free time, especially on a long commute or a plane ride I enjoy watching an entire movie in HD quality on my phone. I'm flying out to Spain this week, and hoping to watch "127 hours" on the flight down to Malaga, enjoy the trailer here:

SO much more...

The Galaxy S2 has an incredible intuitive interface that allows you to watch video content in multiple different formats. Browsing the net for example, videos of all different formats are embedded into the internet browser and can play just as if you were using your internet browser on the computer.

There are so many Apps that deliver high quality video content direct to your phone. One of my favourite has to be the TED Talks App. You can watch so many inspiring and uplifting videos on many different topics. The App is simple but has lots of great features. Search "TED AIR" on Google Android Market and get access to over 1000 TED talks directly on your phone. Here's one my favourites... Click and enjoy:

Oh and I had to share this... R.I.P. Steve Jobs - Simply amazing speech..!

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