iPhone 4S Vs Galaxy S2 - Seriously?

I like apples. They are juicy, sweet and full of goodness. Sadly, apples go off. Left out in the heat or forgotten at the bottom of the fruit basket, apples will go mouldy, smelly and loose the crisp freshness they were renown for.

I'm going to be fair. The iPhone 4S is no doubt a pretty impressive handset. If you had it, you probably wouldn't complain. And if you did complain then you're not a very grateful person are you?! BUT... the iPhone 4S just about manages to compete with the Samsung Galaxy S2 - a phone released over 6 months ago! Apple is clearly playing catch up in this increasingly competitive Mobile Phone market.

Let's just look at a few features that these two phones boast:


Apple's Retina Display or Samsung's Super AMOLED+ ? Yes they are different... both pretty awesome, but remember industry experts favour the latter.
But even if its all oranges and lemons. . what's the difference? Well the Galaxy S2 packs a whopping 42% MORE screen than Apple's new iPhone 4S. Ergo, Samsung brings more awesomeness to the table; so Samsung wins in quantity AND quality.


Again, both handsets offer an awesome 8MP camera. Both pretty impressive and probably more megapixels than you'll ever need. Nonetheless, Samsung wins again..! The iPhone 4S has a sloppy VGA front-facing camera whilst the S2 boasts a 2MP front facing camera. Why Apple would release such a cheap camera in their latest flagship handset is beyond me!

Size and Weight

Samsung's Galaxy S2 once again trumps the iPhone 4S. Despite having 42% more screen and more impressive hardware inside, the Galaxy S2 remains the worlds slimmest smartphone, just 8.9mm wide. Even more impressive is that iPhone 4S is 14% heavier than the Galaxy S2 - So Apple's latest offering is more chunky and weighty than Samsung's six-month old S2. More pear shaped offerings from Apple!


This is where Apple have really duped their customers. It's really sad to see so many Apple users closed off to the big world out there. Apple only allows Apple approved software/games/apps/music/e-books etc onto their iPhones. Essentially milking every penny out of their customers. The reality is however, the Mobile Phone world has evolved light years since Apple's first offering all those years ago. There are so many companies with fantastic innovative technologies out there. Sadly however Apple have strict rules about what can be installed and used on their handsets. This greatly limits the potential that lies within the iPhone. The Google Android world couldn't be more different. The open nature of the software allows plenty of healthy third party competition. Not only do you have Google's Android Market you also have access to many other third party Application markets... This opens up a whole world of possibility. You can buy your music from Amazon, books from Google and Apps from Samsung - It's all possible with the Galaxy S2! (and impossible with Apple!)


 Looks like this newest Apple hasn't fallen too far from the tree!
Yes the iPhone 4S is an impressive handset. But compared to the competition, Apple have really slipped behind in the Smartphone world. I'm so excited about what new technology Samsung and others have up their sleeve. It's really mind blowing stuff.

Would love to hear your thoughts. Below is a slightly more detailed comparison for those interested!


  1. You'll never convince the trend-whores that there is life outside of Apple. They're all slaves to marketing.
    Nice article though, and I love the light sabre pic. lol!

    - Galaxy S2 owner.

  2. That arcticle was absoloutly spot on mate,and everything you said,is exactly what ive been saying to people for ages.apple is just to over hyped and over rated and is moslty only bought because its the "trend".I got my galaxy s2 the first day it came out in the uk and its truly amazing and although its nearly 7 months old,apple have still failed to produce a better phone.

  3. Androids achilles heel is its open mentality when it comes to Apps. Samsung and others MUST test apps before releasing them to hack their customers cc details.
    Brilliant phone - sloppy Apps policy would personally think twice about buying Android just for this reason. Have deleted my app store.
    An S2 Owner

  4. How's this for a quick (but non-scientific) comparison: